X& Hart: The Power of Focus & Determination
June 26, 2023

X& Hart: The Power of Focus & Determination

Where I come from the little kids like me we’re not expected to make it. We’re not expected to see the higher levels of life. It’s a fact. My story does a lot more for those kids than people may think. I am here to show that the dream is real to say to those kids, Hey, I came from the same place. I put my head down. I worked. I got opportunities and made the best out of them. It’s possible for us all if we truly believe. So as HartBeat Ventures grows you’ll see a real initiative in closing that big financial gap between my culture and mainstream America. Our success is going to ultimately help close the gap.

Hartbeat Ventures

Hartbeat Ventures (HV) is a venture capital firm founded by Kevin Hart. The firm is dedicated to cultivating promising startups with a strategic emphasis on sectors such as media, technology, and lifestyle. Hart's substantial success and influence in these sectors have propelled the firm's ability to identify and capitalize on promising opportunities.

Over its lifespan, Hartbeat Ventures has exhibited an impressive track record of successful investments. The firm has placed bets on some of the market's most disruptive and innovative startups. Notably, its portfolio includes Beyond Meat, a trailblazer in the plant-based meat substitutes industry; Fabletics, a leading athletic wear brand that harnesses the power of e-commerce and celebrity influence; and Therabody, a global leader in tech wellness, renowned for its percussive therapy device, Theragun. These investments underscore HV's strategic focus on businesses that redefine their respective markets.

Our Mission

The vision of Hartbeat Ventures extends beyond simple capital appreciation. The firm carries a resounding mission of promoting financial inclusivity. It aspires to level the playing field for emerging businesses, particularly those that traditionally encounter difficulties in accessing venture capital. By recognizing and investing in these underserved entities, Hartbeat Ventures not only enhances its portfolio diversity but also contributes positively to the broader startup ecosystem

Our Edge

However, Hartbeat Ventures' investment approach goes beyond merely providing capital. The firm provides its portfolio companies with an array of resources and strategic guidance to facilitate their growth. Leveraging Kevin Hart's personal brand, network, and extensive experience in media and entertainment, Hartbeat Ventures offers unique advantages to the businesses it invests in.

As Hartbeat Ventures progresses forward, it continues to scout for promising opportunities, adhering to its strategic focus, and steadfastly advocating for financial inclusion. The firm's unique blend of mission-driven investing and strategic sector focus underscores its ambition to create a lasting impact in the venture capital landscape.


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